AC Stables

The Horses of AC Stables

Photos from around the farm    

You will find AC Stables nestled in the scenic hills of Eastern Kentucky, one of the most beautiful places on Earth, providing a home for one breathtaking herd of mares, a few helpful hounds, two very eager young cowboys, one hard working man, an extremely happy cowgirl, and one amazing stallion.  AC Stables is so very fortunate to be here in Eastern Kentucky, where the land is rich, the trails are plentiful, and the eyes are blessed with Mother Nature’s wonders all around. We have the great pleasure of saddling up and heading out for miles and miles of great times with our horses, family, and friends. You are more than welcome to come join us!  Please feel free to contact us, if your idea of fun is time spent on the back of your horse with beautiful scenery and fun loving people to guide you down the trail. 

Our sons are gaining great interest in the exciting world of the horse.  Cole is the youngest.  He has claimed several of the horses as "MINE" and rides with me every opportunity he gets.  He started at age 3 riding double with me and now at age 6, he rides solo on his mare, Painted Lady.  He also rides Lepota and is building the skills in order to start riding Sedona. 

Alec, our older son, enjoys riding double with me and has not quite built the courage to ride solo just yet.  He helps me feed and clean stalls and groom.  He loves the horses and especially enjoys Mystic, claiming her as his own. 


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