AC Stables

AC Stables' Liza's Mystic Lady

2005 Drum Horse Mare



Liza's Mystic Lady is a 2005 Drum Horse mare.  She is of Shire and Gypsy Horse lines.  She is registered with the GHA.  Mystic has lived a very exciting life.  She came to us at three weeks of age as an orphan and was hand raised with milk from a bucket.  The bond she formed with us is unmatched.  She truely believes she is no different from us and we are no different from her.  This of course, has its ups and downs.  She WILL try to do what we do, including get in the house, car, truck.....  She forgets how big she is and gets herself into some tight spots on occasion.  But the overwhelming benefit to this tight bond we share is she will do anything we ask of her and will try her very best to get it done right.  She pulls all our logs for firewood.  She is an amazing trail partner, fearless and steady.  She is also a fantastic driving mare and as particpated in parades and events.  She is very slowly turning grey and becoming more and more dappled every year.  She currently stands 17 hands and appears to have a bit more height to gain.  She has fantastic movement and really excells in front of a cart.  She has spent time with several different trainers, who all believe she is a natural learner and is very easy to teach and work with.  Now, she does have her marish side and will let us know when we are pushing her too hard, but is takes a lot before she does.  I have so so so many plans for her including more work under saddle and in front of the wagon, to someday hopefully partner her with our Stallion to create one amazing Drum Horse team.  We are also planning a breeding between Lively Hale and Mystic in 2011 for a 2012 foal.  I expect a fantastic foal by the two of them.  Check back for details.





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