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Fun With Our Horses

Cole's Adventures. Cole has become quite the cowboy.  His love with the horses started when he was 3 years old when he started riding double with me.  He has been practicing his skills and at age 6, he now rides his own horse on many many trail rides going strong all day long.  He loves it as much as I do, which is saying quite a bit.  His first riding lessons were with our buckskin, Lepota.  Cole very bravely and eagerly climbed aboard, and Lepota safely carried him for his first lessons.  He learned to ride with balance and independent hands, not leaning on the horse for help, but helping the horse instead.  He understands the partnership and loves every second of every ride.  He then began riding his mare Painted Lady.  Cole calls her Blue.  She is a 21 year old Tennessee Walker and is the best babysitter a nervous mother could ask for.  She is well aware of Cole's miniature size and is very careful on the trail with him.  She absolutely adores Cole and gives him as many hugs as he does her.  They are by far the most amazing pair I have ever witnessed.  Cole's favorite ride is Grassy Creek, which nearly 30 miles of rugged terrain through the hills of Eastern Kentucky with lots and lots of creek riding and crossings.  Shacky videos of Cole's Adventures can be seen at and and
Riding at Carter Caves State Park.   This is an absolutely breathtaking system of trails.  I highly recommend it for avid trail riders.  The trails wind past many caves, very high drop offs from cliffs, rivers, and forest.  The park is in the process of building a horse park with RV hookups and horse emenities as well was MORE TRAILS.  Gotta love that.   From the Carter Caves' trail system, it is possible to ride hundreds of miles of trail through all of Eastern Kentucky.  We have yet to travel all the trails but we will, oh we will :-) 
Trips to Western New York.  Every summer we make an eight-hour journey to spend time with our family in Western New York.  Of course, this a great opportunity to expose our horses to new terrain and we take full advantage.  We take the horses on trail rides across our old stomping grounds and we take them swimming in Lake Erie and riding on the beach!  Talk about fun!!!  Family and friends all join in on the fun.
Riding around the farm in Eastern Kentucky 
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