AC Stables

The Saddle Horses of AC Stables

Persuasion's Painted Lady, a 1989 blue roan Tennessee Walker mare.  We call her Blue for short.  She is our matriarch.  She has blessed us with many years of trail riding as well as with our farm's first foal.  She has safely taught both our sons to ride, providing them with confidence and skills for fun on the trail.  She is a true babysitter.  She is retiring here with us at AC Stables, enjoying her senior years. 
Lepota is a 2006 buckskin KY Mountain mare.  She is such a joy and a one of a kind girl.  Not only is she absolutely gorgeous but a true riding partner, as well.  She is safe for a beginner as well as competitive for an advanced rider.  She has been my trail partner and also my shooting horse.  Lepota also is giving lessons to our two sons on the joys of horseback riding.  She is every little cowboys dream horse.  
PS Dancing  is a 2008 Tennessee Walker mare.  She is an absolutely amazing filly maturing into a fantastic mare. She is Craig's girl.  He has trained her from start to finish, and what a great job he has done.  We are so proud of her and plan to enjoy many many years with this awesome girl. 
Maxine, a 2008 grey and white Saddle Horse mare.  This horse is, hands down, the smoothest horse I have ever had the pleasure of riding.  She is also the fastest!!  You better have your hat tied on when you ride this girl.  She is suitable for experienced riders, and boy oh boy will she bring a smile to your face!  I LOVE riding this mare. 
Guilty of Persuasion is our farm's first foal and a true blessing from our mare Persuasion's Painted Lady.  She is by I'm Guilty As Charged, an Out On Parole son.  She was born August 1, 2011.  She is a blue roan filly with a bald face and four high whites.  Her disposition comes straight from her momma.  She is very strong and independent, curious and fearless yet kind and gentle and wants to be your best friend.  I am so excited about this filly and so very blessed to have her.  Thank you Blue!!!!!! 
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